G.M. Koks


 The G.M. KOKS SIA was registered in the enterprise register in 1993. The enterprise started the regular activities of timber cutting in 1995, when Gundars Vītols and Mārtiņš Meldrājs became the owners of the enterprise. The name of the enterprise was formed from the first letters of the names of the two owners (G)undars (M)ārtiņš + Koks (timber). In 1995 we started operation in timber cutting, and after a year in timber cutting it was decided to build a small kiln plant for drying timber in "Vaivari", Rucavas parish. Till the year 2008 the G.M. KOKS was steadily developing and establishing its positions on the sawed timber market, reaching the stabile production volumes.

In timber cutting we have created a stabile   professional team that ensures a high quality work in both state and private forests, the works are done within the time terms and observing all technological processes.

 The Net turnover of the enterprise is over Ls 2, 000,000.


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