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The G.M. Koks SIA Sawmill was created in 1996 in "Vaivaros” of Rucavas parish of the Liepāja district. At the beginning there worked 4 persons and the annual production volume was approximately 400 cubic meters of sawed timber. In comparison, in 2007 the G.M. Koks Sawmill produced almost 8000 cubic meters of sawed timber and employed 40 persons. The Sawmill processes the logs cut in the G.M. Koks forestry. In 2004 we received the FSC standard certificate for our Sawmill and forestry. 
Our sawmill produce softwood (pine, spruce), hardwoods( birch, alder, oak, ash) sawed timber.
In addition, we manufacture palettes and Euro palettes on order. 



In 2007 the G.M. Koks owned the forestry of the 1583-hectare area. The G.M. Koks conduct regular works on the forest plantations and works on renewal of the forest. In 2006 we planted the new forest on the area of 84 hectares, and in 2007 on the area of 92 hectares. In addition, other enterprises use services of the G.M. Koks on forest plantations and works on renewal of the forest.

Timber cutting

We offer harvesting and logging services on the entire territory of Latvia, we conduct our timber cutting on our forest property and forest development, we render services to the  Latvian State Forests Joint-Stock Company ( A/S Latvijas Valsts Meži), and to private owners. In 2007 the G.M. Koks   timber cutting volume was 60 000 cubic meters volume, in 2008   65 000 cubic meters. The timber cutting works are made with four John Deere timber-cutting machines: two harvesting 1270D and 1070D, and two forwarders 810D and 810D ECO III.



Since 2002 the G.M. Koks has been working with pressurized wood impregnation, using the Tanalith E chemical products that correspond to the European standards. Impregnation prevents decay of timber   and damages caused by insects. Impregnation process is conducted in Grobiņā, Lauktehnikas 1d. In 2007 the volume of impregnated sawed timber reached  2000 cubic meters.



The G.M. Koks renders timber transportation services on the entire territory of Latvia. At the moment we have two SCANIA timber trucks.


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